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Here's what makes the el bee baby cloth diaper stand out in a crowd:

They are very trim:  we've pared away the traditional diaper shape to make a diaper that fits more closely.  It's narrower through the stride to make a more comfortable, less bulky fit.  It dips lower in the front and is a little higher cut on the legs.

They have just the right absorbency:  each diaper has a three layer internal soaker.  This makes it absorbent enough to be functional but not so absorbent that the diaper would take forever and a day to dry.

They have a tidy bound edge:  this makes our diaper fit comfortably and retain its original shape better (and it looks nice, too!).

They have snap closures:  snaps are hard for curious toddlers to undo.  They also don't collect lint or get all tangled up in the wash like hook and loop diapers do.

The waist is very adjustable:  the snaps are set quite close together to allow for a good fit on any size of baby.

They are customizable:  we offer a variety of beautiful, hand-dyed organic fabrics, decorative stitching and snap colours.


We offer two different styles of diapers:

Front Snapping

  • our original design works well with all babies

  • the wings snap around to the front making them easy to put on

Side Snapping

  • The wings snap around to the back, making the diaper harder for toddlers to remove

Both of these styles are offered in either the standard version (has a built in three-layer soaker), or a 'speed dry' version (where the inner soaker is swapped for a separate lay-in super-doubler).

All our diapers require a cover of some kind (see our wool cover section).
Our standard diaper can be used on its own, however if you have a heavier wetter, you can order a lay-in matching doubler to boost absorbency. For the ultimate in absorbency we offer a super-doubler—thicker and larger than our standard doubler.


We offer our diapers either in undyed, natural fabric or handdyed. We dye all of our fabric ourselves in small batches, using low-impact fibre-reactive dyes. Colours can vary somewhat from batch to batch.

*Keep in mind when choosing colours that they appear quite different on each type of fabric; dyed organic cotton fleece is much more muted than organic velour!

Currently we offer the following colour choices:

Banana Yellow SquashYellow Canaloupe CarrotOrange
TomatoRed Eggplant Purple Lavender
Denim SkyBlue RobinsEggBlue ForestGreen
GrassGreen Celery Chocolate Celery
  Bubblegum Fuscia  


We use North American produced, organic fabrics for all of our products.

We occasionally offer other fabrics as well.  Please contact us for availability.

You can choose either of the following fabrics for your diapers:

  • 100% organic cotton:
    This is like sweatshirt fleece-- fuzzy on one side with the smooth knit side facing out. This fabric is very durable and cleans easily.

  • 100% organic cotton velour:
    This is beautifully soft, dreamy fabric. It's very stretchy and accordingly fits a wider range of size in each diaper.
We occasionally offer other fabrics as well. Please contact us for availability.


We offer eight different sizes from newborn through to extra large.  Don't be daunted by this though! Your child won't need some of every size; most babies spend the majority of their diapered lives in two to three sizes.  All sizes overlap to cover a broad range of body types.

Both of our children fit diapers in radically different ways.  Our first was a 'healthy' babe who gained weight quickly and had true thighs of thunder.  He fit into a medium by about 3 months, stayed in it until he was about 18 months, (slimming out all the while) at which point he fit the medium long.  It wasn't until the end of his diapering career when he was around 30lb that he fit the larges well.  
Our daughter entered the world at an impressive 9+lb, but gained slowly until she was a little over a year.  By the end of her diapering 'career' she was only about 27lbs but wider through the bum than our first.  She fit the largest best, though she could squeeze into a medium in a pinch.

diaper size weight waist rise
newborn 6lb + 9 1/2-12 in 10 1/4 in
extra small 7-15 lb 11-15 in 12 1/2 in
small 10-18 lb 12-18 in 13 1/2 in
small/medium 13-21 lb 13-20 in 14 in
medium 15-25 lb 14-21 in 15 in
medium long 22-30 lb 16-24 in 16 in
large 27-35 lb 17-26 in 17 in
extra large 35 lb + 18-29 in 20 in

A note about fit and choice of style: 
Most babies are diapered with extra small, small and medium, with a few medium-long during potty-learning (medium-long is a commonly requested size actually, as many children tend to thin out quite dramatically once they're walking!). 

Our front snapping diapers are designed to rest below the belly button and fit a broad range of body types. Our side snapping style is cut a little higher in the front but still falls just below the belly button. We’ve found that newborns and infants are best in the front snapping style. The side snapping style was designed for our curious toddler who had a tendency to pull the wings open on her front snapping diaper.

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